Public Media
for Wisconsin

Educational Communications Board is a state agency that distributes K-12 educational media, public safety and public broadcasting services to Wisconsin’s residents.

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Educational Communications Board

The Educational Communications Board (ECB) is charged with the responsibility of planning, developing, constructing and operating non-commercial radio and television broadcasting systems for the presentation of educational, informational and public service programming, and public safety communications for the people of Wisconsin. ECB also provides support for public media’s K-12 initiatives. ECB is an independent state agency overseen by a board of directors, statutory and appointed.

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PBS Kids programs show values of enduring relationships, fair play, knowing and practicing ‘the right thing to do’, acknowledgment of how hard it is to be a kid sometimes… PBS Kids is a safe place to play in an increasingly scary world.

Viewing family
Reedsburg, WI

We think it is important to have good, wholesome programming, which is PBS Wisconsin.

Sturgeon Bay, WI

Many times I discover the only programs worth watching are on PBS Wisconsin. My two young daughters enjoy many of the kids’ shows you have to offer; in fact, I enjoy watching most of them myself. Your history programming is excellent and always inspiring, to see how past generations have struggled and thrived at the same time.

Schofield, WI

WPR provides news, educational information and entertainment. It has been a friendly voice in our home for years. Thanks for all that you do!

Eau Claire, WI

In these tight budget times, these resources help us in rural schools to support learning by implementing technology connections into everyday learning. This helps us better prepare students for the world of their future. These resources help meet the needs of every student whether in public or private educational settings.

Library Media Specialist
Dodgeville School District

Commercial-free, high-quality, carefully constructed educational programming, free and available to all, is so important to have as a resource for our kids. I appreciate the STEM emphasis of shows and we love the reading and vocabulary-building shows too!

Portage, WI

WPR is a thread in the fabric of our lives. We enjoy sharing the amazing topics we’ve heard while listening with others. What a wonderful way to stay in touch with the world around us near and far. Thank you.

Sherwood, WI

I depend on PBS Wisconsin Education for interesting resources which help push my students’ thinking to a higher level.

4th Grade Teacher
Superior, WI

PBS Wisconsin Education helps teachers meet the state standards with quality resources that connect learning to our own communities.

High School Teacher
East Troy School District

PBS Wisconsin is almost exclusively my TV watching because I feel confident that I will get a logical and sensible amount of information regarding health, elections, world and state affairs… and delightful entertainment.

Oshkosh, WI

With a 1:1 initiative, PBS Wisconsin Education is an integral part of daily learning opportunities for students in our district.

Library Media Specialist
Belleville School District

My radio dial (of both car and home radios) stays set on WPR because of the regular hours of classical music which I don’t find on other stations. Public television provides for me concerts which I rarely go out to attend. I also appreciate the in-depth reporting of the PBS NewsHour which I watch regularly.

Racine, WI

PBS Wisconsin Education’s resources are about Wisconsin and focus on many of the great things in our very own state. The materials are reliable and credible. They are easy to access and appropriate for students at a variety of grade levels.

4th grade teacher
Berlin Area Schools

PBS Wisconsin Education is a wonderful resource for our elementary students. Without “Into the Book”, “Bill Nye”, and “Wisconsin Biographies” our curriculum for English/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies would be greatly diminished.

Library Media Specialist
Eau Claire Area School District

PBS Kids programming is important. Commercial-free; gentle, respectful characters; education with substance.”

New London, WI

WPR is my best source of information about current happenings around Wisconsin. I don’t want to listen to anything else.

Iron River, WI

PBS Wisconsin Education has become an invaluable resource, particularly in small rural schools with high levels of poverty.

Reading Specialist
Augusta School District

I can’t imagine a day without WPR! I listen to The Ideas Network of WPR on my phone, in the car, and from the computer.

Pleasant Prairie, WI

Daily, I learn about topics that are never mentioned on the network stations. I feel that public radio and television are invaluable assets in my life.

Listener & Viewer
Milwaukee, WI

Because of WPR, I look forward to my half-hour commute to and from work. I learn, I laugh, and I am inspired. I am so grateful to have such an incredible radio station available to me.

Manitowoc, WI

PBS Wisconsin Education is truly a unique resource for students, educators, families and the general public. I love the way it offers easy accessibility to diverse populations across the state via the Internet.

Mequon-Thiensville School District

PBS Wisconsin brings in-depth discussions of important ideas and information to the people of Wisconsin. Important issues are brought to the attention of everyone who watches PBS Wisconsin. It is a wonderful resource for the state.

Amherst Junction, WI

Public media in Wisconsin provides us with interesting, informative, and entertaining programs. We continue to learn about home maintenance, gardening, health care, travel, political issues and more.

West Allis, WI

Thank you for all you do! I love listening to WPR all day long when I can. When I can’t, I love reading the news online. I feel the coverage is balanced and informative. The reporting is clear and in-depth.

I have learned so much from WPR over the years. I can honestly say that my life has been enriched by the interesting, informative, and unbiased content that WPR reliably provides. It’s nice knowing I have a trusted source of news and talk that respects the listener’s intelligence while still being accessible to all.

Fort Atkinson, WI

PBS Wisconsin makes learning fun and goes to places I can only dream about.

Sister Bay, WI