The masthead on this page has a background image that shows the ECB board room. In the room, you can see a projector screen, and a meeting table surrounded by chairs.

Meet Our Board of Directors

The ECB is led by a statutory Board of Directors, created by Chapter 15, Section 15.57 of Wisconsin Statutes, that ensures Wisconsin residents can equitably access telecommunications services and advanced technologies in support of education and public safety goals. Its members represent public and educational interests, as well as the executive and legislative branches of state government.

Board Members

  • Kathy Blumenfeld
    Secretary-designee, Department of Administration, Madison
    Designee: Paul Hammer, Deputy Secretary
  • Jill Underly
    State Superintendent, Department of Public Instruction, Madison
    Designee: Darrell Williams, Assistant State Superintendent, Division for Libraries and Technology
  • Jay O. Rothman
    President, University of Wisconsin System, Madison
    Designee: Heather LaRoi, Director, Strategic Communications
  • Morna K. Foy
    President, Wisconsin Technical College System, Madison
    Designee: James Zylstra*, Executive Vice President
  • Anne Chapman
    Public Member, Whitefish Bay
  • Alyssa Kenney
    Public Member, Madison
  • Leah Lechleiter-Luke
    Public Education Member, New Lisbon
  • Eric Fulcomer
    Private Education Member, Madison
  • Sen. Romaine Quinn
    Senate Member, Cameron
  • Sen. Chris Larson
    Senate Member, Milwaukee
  • Rep. Patrick Snyder
    Assembly Member, Schofield
  • Rep. David Considine
    Assembly Member, Baraboo
  • Amy Traynor
    Board of Regents, University of Wisconsin System, Eau Claire
  • Roy Christianson
    Chair, Wisconsin Public Radio Association, Madison
  • Eileen Littig
    Public TV Member, Green Bay
  • Deborah Hamlett
    Wisconsin Tech. College System Board, Milwaukee

* Board Chair

Upcoming Board Meetings

Board meetings are held quarterly.

  • October 18, 2024

Board Documents