The masthead on this page shows a communication tower, looking up at the tower from the ground. The tower is covered with white frost, and a bright blue sky can be seen in the background.

About NOAA

The NOAA All-Hazards/Weather Radio is a service of the National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and U.S. Department of Commerce, provided in cooperation with the Wisconsin Division of Emergency Management and through the facilities of the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board.

Weather Radio Stations

CityCall SignalFrequency
AshlandKZZ-78162.525 MHz
Ash RidgeWWG-89162.475 MHz
BarabooKHA-47162.450 MHz
Black River FallsWNG-564162.500 MHz
BloomingtonWWG-86162.500 MHz
ColomaWWF-40162.400 MHz
CrandonWWG-88162.450 MHz
Delafield / MilwaukeeKEC-60162.400 MHz
Dubuque / KielerWXL-64162.400 MHz
Eau Claire / MenomonieWXJ-88162.400 MHz
Fond du LacWWG-87162.500 MHz
Green BayKIG-65162.550 MHz
GreshamKC2-XBZ162.500 MHz
JanesvilleWWG-90162.425 MHz
La CrosseWXJ-86162.550 MHz
LadysmithWNG-577162.550 MHz
MadisonWXJ-87162.550 MHz
New LondonWNG-552162.525 MHz
Park FallsWXM-91162.500 MHz
RacineKZZ-76162.450 MHz
RhinelanderWNG-565162.400 MHz
RidgevilleKE2-XKP162.525 MHz
SheboyganWWG-91162.525 MHz
Sister BayWXN-69162.425 MHz
SpoonerKZZ-79162.475 MHz
WausauWXJ-89162.475 MHz
WausaukeeWNG-553162.400 MHz
WitheeKZZ-77162.425 MHz

Weather Radio Coverage

Map of all-hazards/NOAA weather radio transmitter locations in Wisconsin. The map illustrates that the transmitters cover virtually all of the State of Wisconsin. For more technical information, email Glenn Guy at